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  • CARLOS – SWEET: Sweet blend of Carlos, a white Muscadine grape, has a nice fruity bouquet and taste just like picking them off the vine.
  • CARLOS – SEMI-SWEET: Another version of the Carlos with a lighter taste and mouth feel, for those of you who want to taste the fruitiness of the Carlos, with less sugary finish.
  • CARLOS –SEMI- DRY: The nose and fruity aroma expected of the Carlos, but with a clean crisp finish.


  • NOBLE – SWEET: Sweet blend of Noble, a red Muscadine grape, this grape creates a full-bodied red wine, with lots of character. This is a desirable dessert wine for our local customers.
  • NOBLE – SEMI-SWEET: A blend of sweet and dry Noble to deliver a semi-sweet red wine. This is currently our biggest seller. With its deep red color and fruity bouquet this wine reminds you of summer nights under the stars.
  • NOBLE – SEMI-DRY: A nose of chocolate and fruit with a clean finish of pepper inspiration.


  • NOBLOS : This is one of the smoothest wines we sell, hard to believe it actually contains alcohol.


  • SWEET STRAWBERRY: Teases the front of the mouth with the sweet essence of strawberry, then finishes dry.
  • SWEET PEACH: This wine starts with a peachy tingle on the front of the tongue and ends crisp clean on the back.
  • SWEET BLACKBERRY: Very subtle on the front then blasts through with a fruity finish.
  • SWEET BLUEBERRY: This is for all of those that love the taste of fresh picked blueberries.


  • Christmas In A Bottle: This wine is full of taste that is great for any occasion. We like to say its Christmas in a bottle.


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