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Charlie T Locklear Vineyard & Winery, Inc. was formed November 2006. This has been a dream of my fathers for the better part of my adult life. As far back as I can remember my father has nurtured some type of fruit on the family farm that was passed to him by his parents. He has made wine from the fruit grown on the farm for more than 40 years. This knowledge was passed to him by his parents, the late John and Emily Locklear. My father explained that it was my grandmother that made the wine and my grandfather that harvested the grapes. As my father has continued to work with the vines, he learned to root the few native vines he had with different varieties of cultivated Muscadine vines. My mothers’ father was influential in this area and was a great help to my father as he rooted flowers and shrubs, this knowledge was easily transferred to the grape vine. These were valuable lessons that would come in handy later when the vineyard was planted.

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