Carlos semi-sweet

Carlos semi-sweet
Noble Sweet

Noble Sweet


Muscadine Wine Selections

Fun Fact! All of our Muscdine Wines are made from Carlos and Noble Muscadine Grapes grown on our family vineyard!

Noble Sweet : Our Noble Sweet Wine is a selection made from our red noble muscadine grapes. With its crisp finish, Noble Sweet is our most popular muscadine wine.

Noble Semi Sweet : Our Noble Semi Sweet selection is a less sweeter version of our popular Noble Sweet. Still with a crisp finish, Noble Semi Sweet is sure to please the taste buds. 

Carlos Sweet : Our Carlos Sweet selection has also been referred to as "Candy in a Bottle" coming from its sweet and smooth finish. After all, we take pride in providing the best sweet wine in the South! Carlos Sweet is made from our White Carlos muscadine grape. 

Carlos Semi Sweet : Our Carlos Semi Sweet wine is a crowd favorite. With its less sweet but still smooth finish, Carlos Semi Sweet never fails in being a best seller! 

Noblos : Our Noblos blend is a mixture between Noble Semi Sweet and Carlos Semi Sweet. This sweet blush wine stands on its own with a vibrant color and smooth finish. 

Fruit Wine Selections

Fun Fact! Our fruit wines are made from fruit that we get from our local farmers. We love supporting local businesses! 

Blueberry in a Bottle : Our Blueberry wine is made with 100% Blueberry juice, and has been a ranking top seller! With its beautiful red color and smooth finish, our fans love our blueberry wine!  

Strawberry in a Bottle: Our Strawberry wine is made out of 100 % Strawberry juice. It's smooth fruity finish gives its fans a taste they can't get enough of.  

Peach in a Bottle: Our Peach wine is made out of 100% Peach juice. It's smooth and sweet fruity finish has definitely made its mark. 

Blackberry in a Bottle: Our Blackberry wine is an award winning blend. Made from 100% Blackberry juice, its port finish has a semi sweet linger that wine lovers adore! 

Watermelon in a Bottle: Our watermelon Wine keeps watermelon ripe year round, the  beautiful taste of watermelon without those annoying seeds! 

Special Fruit Blends

Love in a Bottle : Our Love in a Bottle is a Blueberry/Peach wine blend with a crisp finish that's perfect for a summer day!

Summer in a Bottle  : Our Summer blend is a Carlos wine with natural Mango and Pineapple flavors. The citrusy finish leaves a tingle. Is one glass ever enough?

Christmas in a Bottle : Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Santa bring some wine! Long time favorite Christmas in a Bottle is one of our signature wine blends that has all the flavors you would find in your grandmothers kitchen over the holidays. 

Autumn in a Bottle: Our Autumn blend is a Noblos wine with  natural Pumpkin Spice flavors. Perfect for the Pumpkin spice season!

Fun in a Bottle: For those who are a kid at heart, this wonderfully colored bubblegum wine will satisfy your inner child and your outer adult with the sweetness of candy but the effects of wine!

Stop in our winery Monday through Saturday 1 - 5 p.m and grab a bottle of any of our specially blended fruit wines!  


Locklear Winery is situated in the beautiful Prospect Community. Currently we have a mix of Carlos and Noble muscadines. The winery offers free wine tastings daily.


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